Amazing dance of Perú in World Cultural Dance Festival

International Cultural Festival

The World Cultural Dance Festival pursues the development of cultural values and talent through providing a place for international competition. Moreover, it aims to promote friendship and harmony through cultural exchange. The World Cultural Dance Festival has become an international cultural festival. After the festival, we introduce the cultural heritage and beauty of Korea to the participants from all over the world. The World Cultural Dance Festival becomes a place of harmony where the world’s best dance teams gather to exchange their cultures and develop a healthy mindset.

Peru represents us with dance

‘Inti Raymi’ means the Festival of the Sun in the Cheechua language.
The descendants of the sun who hold onto the area of the Andes Mountains for their livelihood. We have expressed through a dance the festival of the sun of the Peruvian Incas who did not live individually but became one and worked and united for the lot of their lives.

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