ANTISUYO TRAVEL.  bet on an offer nature tourism and cultural, based on a commitment to social and environmental responsibility. We understand nature tourism as “that meets the needs of present tourists and destination regions while protecting and guaranteeing activity for the future” (OMT, definition of sustainable tourism).

Our packages attempt to minimize the negative impacts of tourism on the environment and maximize the positive, by applying global sustainability criteria in its planning and development. We value our natural heritage and especially the culterales resources. We involve our neighbors, partners and suppliers to improve tourist services. And we understand that only environmentally responsible and sustainable offerings, with conscious and well trained professionals can prevent or reduce negative impacts and contribute to the conservation of the natural environment, especially of natural esenarios, habitats, and rural development of our land.

Our sustainability policy incorporates the principles of the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism and seeks to promote responsible and sustainable tourism in the destinations where we operate, minimizing actions that can generate climate change, ensuring the welfare of our employees, customers, partners, suppliers and community.

In the field of responsibility with communities, we seek to actively participate in the development of projects in developing cominidades veneficio of the communities involved in tourism.